Etch Your Name On The Grey Cup Fan Base
This Is Your League
Once In A Lifetime Opportunity
A Legacy For Your Family
Become Part Of CFL History

CFL football is CFL fans. Lighting up stadiums, celebrating triumphs and holding us up in defeat. You are the foundation of this league.

Through the Grey Cup Fan Base, CFL fans have an opportunity to have their cheers heard for years to come. CFL fans from coast to coast have a chance to etch their place in the history and the future of the league we all love.

Season Ticket Members pricing: $349 | General Public pricing: $399

Raise The Cup!
Etch your name onto the Grey Cup Fan Base, gift it to the biggest CFL fan you know, or in the memory of someone special.
Personal Recognition
In addition to your name being etched on the Grey Cup Fan Base, you will also be recognized in your local stadium unique to your market.
Certificate Of Authenticity
Your purchase comes with a collector's item certificate of authenticity. This digital certificate prominently features your name (or your honouree's), and is signed by CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie and your designated team's signatory.
For A Limited Time Only
The Fan Base will be unveiled this fall, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have your name etched in history. Make your loyalty known.
Proudly Made In Canada
Manufactured from Canadian materials, the Grey Cup Fan Base is made of Canadian maple and aluminum. Ten pillars stand adjacent to each other to represent CFL fans from coast to coast to coast.
See Your Name
Get an up-close and personal look at the Grey Cup Fan Base, including your name as it will appear etched in aluminum.
Take The Fan Base Home
Immerse yourself in our augmented reality experience whereby you can record videos or photos of the Grey Cup and Fan Base in your own home - and share them on Instagram.
The Offering
Your name etched and displayed on the Grey Cup Fan Base

Recognition in your home stadium

Collector's item digital certificate from the CFL Commissioner and your designated team's signatory, featuring your name (or your honouree's)

Online access to the Grey Cup Fan Base to view and share on social platforms